Day 22 of 30 days of makeup Everything Peachy | Letnicoletalk




In this tutorial I am showing you a cute peach makeup look. I fell for this 8-shade bronzer palette. I done my eyes and highlight and blush all with this palette.

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What i filmed with today:

Camera and filming use:
Cannon T4i
RODE mic:
Other things i occasionally use:
Diva Ring light dimmable with stand:
64gig memory cards:
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Nicole Castillo
PO BOX 840642
Houston Texas 77284

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Makeup Used:
Maybelline BB Cream
Measurable Difference Baja Bronze Collection
mailed to me by measurable difference
Brow definer pencil by maybelline
I have on semi lashes applied underneath
(just ask me how i do my lashes now I will make a video!)



Ok so most of these big Famous flower box companies are out of availability for ordering “Sold Out” for Valentines! What is a girl to do?? Do it Yourself!

Here is a video where i created a beautiful set. To be a person who hate flowers because they die so quick I thought this was a perfect alternative.

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