Chocolate mint Oreos smokey eye makeup look

Food inspired eye tutorial
Mint Oreo eye tutorial: The food inspired eye tutorial


Chocolate mint Oreos smokey eye makeup look <———–video

Ok so Alot of times when i am doing makeup tutorials I am snacking rather good or bad this time my look was inspired by the Chocolate covered mint filled Oreo.

Update I am planning my trip to California I plan to leave on the 2nd or 3rd week in July and I have to make it happen. My Grandma I promised I would visit her again this summer and enjoy some time there.
Oreos ..Yummy they are good!! So thats where my look was inspired. Growing up I use to Hate the taste of mint and chocolate I was like ewww! Then one day I tasted the ANDES chocolate mints and they were Goood!!

So ever since then i gave mint and chocolate another try. I guess i had acquired a taste for it!

As you may know everything i learn is self taught majority of the time and in the begining of this tutorial i tried editing my green screen gig and I dont think i am using enough lighting. I just brought 2 more bulbs to fit into my lighting equipment. The lighting I use is the COwboy lighting equipment  I ordered off my number one ordering place


I use to use the lighting equipment with the little umberellas  🙂 So cute but was not enough lighting.

So I but on my big girl panties ( figure of speech) and made an educated order after reading and now i am happy.

Items I used for the Makeup tutorial:

Mac Fix Spray

Too Faced Smokey Eye Kit


I also Ordered the BH COSMETICS concealer pallate over memorial holiday weekend and was able to get it in right away and play with it and a few other items I had ordered. Whenever i get a client in i just have to use it. Next time im going to order 2. You only need very little. This will also cover tatoo coverage.

Then I used my coastal scents pallate and I love this pallate for the Steal of a price and quality I use the two colors to make a MINT Green and I used the yellow to highlight the center lid.


So the next tutorial I will be posting is How I straighten my hair from super curly to straight and wait till you hear about this product.. Ill be back soon!!

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BYE ….

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