Indianwood Smoke eye and Have you tried the Huge Gummy Bears??

Indianwood tutorialHoustons makeup artistFirst, I want to thank all my readers without you I would be able to be me!! I have not worked on my About me section yet bt almost finished with how I am going to write it in my headĀ  šŸ™‚

One step at a time right!!

I really want to hear from everyone out there rather it is a question or a request for a tutorial.Ā  Twitter: #Letnicoletalk

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I live by this spray and love it so much:
I use it to wet my brush dip in liner and apply as eyeliner
I also use it to refresh my face and makeup


Giant gmmy bears
WOW. These are incredible
Farley candies
OMG these are theBOMB . COM

I love some candies but this has made my list of keepers

I had to control myself when I ate one. I must of ate about 9 of them and them I thought about drinking some water.

These Gummies are more chewable than the smaller ones and have a softer taste.

(Ummmm! Yes I still did bite the head off and arms )

What a great Improvement or upgrade. Now I only wonder how these will taste soaked in Vodka.

I bet they will be like Jello Shots

To my 21 and up crowd please let me know if you have tried it!!

Also These would go great on a sno-cone or in a kool-ais floating on the ice cube.

So many Cute ideas

My Makeup Tutorial

I been playing around withĀ  my new lighting and want to get the best effects. Nothing beats natural sunlight. šŸ˜¦

But I love the fact I can film for my viewers!!

The indian wood smoke eye is a really Cool feeling eye tutorial it can be worn on the Hottest days and those products will stay mine did all day and Like I said HOUSTON is HOT!!

So I used the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Box


Urban Decay eye set kit

Which is a Fav of mine. I love how these box sets come with a little bit of everything you need to get the job done and very worth the price.

Youtube Video is here below click link:

mac paint pot
I used the paint pot on my lids first

I can wear this color on my lids when it too Hot for makeup it will give me the glow i need.

Indian wood Mac smokey eye
Indianwood Smoke eye, cute smokey eye
Vintage brown and white blouse
My vintage pick for today!!

Makeup Time!!! Ever been scared to Go outside your safe zone to color??

I always get asked can that go with my skin tone?? Can I wear that ??

Oh thats not for me>…. I always respond with the same answer ( Of course and laugh)

So I did this great tutorial to help you get a grasp of a little edge to add!!\Divaconfessions

The natural Eye smoke with a twist
Step outside the box

The products used were:

M.A.D.E. Cosmetics:

Ebony edgeĀ (a rich Black pigment), New Penny( a copper penny sit it next to a penny and it look just like it), Marigold ( a bright poppy yellow just like the flower)Ā  M.A.D.E. Eye Primer

Mac Fix spray

angle brush

flat tip brush

fluffy blend brush

Liner was a pigment by M.A.D.E. Cosmetics in color Midnight sky

Mascara: Benefit Bad Gal lash

Products showing: Custom made earrings Diva House and custom made Clutch Diva House

One style 1 person 45.00 for the set this clutch is not an everyday wear clutch

Found at Diva House or Divas HouseĀ on FaceBook Located in Houston Texas

Ok so there you have it! Visit me for weekly updates!!

If you would like to see a look of your choice…WELL..message me

or twitter me @ LetnicoletalkĀ Ā  Have a Fab day!!!

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Just decided to go with relaunching my site and ptting my all into my blogging and Youtube tutorials.

I love life and Live each day to want to learn something new. I always wonder who is out there thinking the same like me, doing what im doing, and love the things i love.

About me:

I am building an about me page but in the mean time I thought why not dish it out!!

I am located in Houston Texas, and was born here. I have traveled to out of the country to small vacations and just love different cultres and styles.

My plans are to move to California soon

I always wanted to be an actress and I still do run around the house or in the car act out scenes ( sometimes they look at me crazy) I had a large fear on jumping ot on life to see if this was something in store for me.

Well, I am not afraid anymore on doing things i had fear to do. Last year I quit my job in coporate world to be me. It took exactly a whole 12 months to get adjusted i had to throw away all my business suits so that I would not dress in them and just find me!! I literally got a big bag and dropped it off at the thrift drop box one night. I never took a break from work except a week vacation. Well i opened a boutique a little over a year ago and this is my store I spend alot of time crafting, reading, and planning out my dreams into reality.

Never let fear stop you from doing what you think is impossible, I fussed, yelled, and griped about taking my leap into finding me but I am more peaceful and I know I am worth more than being a office prisoner from 7am-6pm all that time i put into that i imagined what would happen if i pt some of that time into me. Well I guess that is what i done.

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